Join Our Elite Level of Digital Marketing Monsta Business Owners

August 18, 2018 admin

The Monsta Digital Marketing Business Model

Join Our Elite Level of Digital Marketing Monsta Business Owners

As a Monsta Partner Business Owner, you have the support, networks and branding to run your own highly successful Digital Marketing Business

Why Digital Marketing?

Over recent years, the growth of the digital marketing industry has soared. Consumers are searching online for goods and services more than ever before. And there is no doubt that trend will continue.  This means businesses are more reliant than ever on digital marketing to attract, close and provide an exceptional customer experience. As a Digital Marketing Monsta Business Owner Partner, you are positioned perfectly to help clients with their digital marketing needs. 

  • The Digital Marketing Industry is forecast to exceed 2.5bn in 2022 in Australia alone with a growth rate of 10.3% (source: ibisworld)
  • Globally the Digital Marketing Industry was estimated at US $350 Billion in 2020 with a 2026 forecast of US$786.2 Billion (source: globenewswire)
  • 45% of organizations don’t have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy. (Source: Smart Insights)

Joining the world of digital marketing is an exciting and financially rewarding opportunity. The Monsta Media Group know what it takes to start a successful digital marketing business, and we’re committed to helping entrepreneurs do it as quickly as possible.

PC & MapWhy Choose The Monsta Media Group?

We are not your average marketing agency. We are also not a large franchise group where our main source of income comes solely from selling or flogging off more franchises. The Monsta Media Group prides itself on providing global digital marketing strategies and solutions via a local relationship based model. Despite covid and the global digital transformation, business owners still operate on strong relationships. The Monsta Media Partner Program delivers a model of business owners working with business owners. A true business owner mindset

Think about it….. if you’re a local Gym, Dentist, Mortgage broker etc, would you prefer to deal with an agency based overseas or in a major city call centre somewhere Or would you prefer to work with a local Digital Marketing Monsta that knows your area, demographics, local events and with their sole purpose being to deliver result to you  and see your business grow. 

A No brainer…….

By partnering with the Monsta Media Group, you’ll have the support, networks and backing of a world class team to help you develop your own highly successful marketing business with unlimited earning potential & a great work life balance opportunities 

What You Will Receive?

There’s one common motivator for people who start a business: A willingness and drive to succeed. You’re here because you want an opportunity to change something in your life. Whether that be financially, flexibility, work life balance or to take control of your own destiny. We’re here to determine whether a digital marketing business can help you achieve those goals.

The What

  • You will undergo extensive training that will provide the fundamentals and skills to deliver a social marketing strategy for any client in any industry. You will attain formal and recognised digital marketing certification. Ongoing training and development is a cornerstone of the Monsta Media Group Partnership Agreement  

The How

  • The biggest missing skill of business owners is the skill of closing a sale. There are great business operators out there but few that have the sales skills to effectively identify a sale via either phone cold call, door to door, disciplined follow up strategy and the ability to ask for the business. You will undergo extensive sales training that provides the skills to identify your perfect avatar, learn to contact, follow up and then make them a paying client

The Who

  • How often have you heard, ‘its not what you now but who you know’. Well, with the Monsta program, you will not only have the What and the How but you will also have the Who. The Monsta Media Group has developed strategic partnerships with key businesses to allow our Business Owner Monsta Partners to begin their digital marketing business with a solid circle of influence to develop a reciprocal relationship of steady client referrals. 

Set Up For Success 

  • To ensure your success and as part of the Monsta Media Partner Program, your first month of leads is completely set up for you. That’s right, you will have a stream of clients eager for your services. These leads will be waiting for you in your inbox, for you to contact and close. 

The No Brainer Pub Test

  • Opportunity. Huge Opportunity in the Digital Marketing Industry  
  • Endless Supply of clients. You will provide a skill and service that has now become a necessity for all small businesses seeking new clients. Huge Demand
  • Network Power. Begin with a solid circle of influence to develop a reciprocal relationship of steady client referrals within your local community 
  • Done For You. Be ready to have your first month of leads completely set up for you. 
  • Minimal Overheads. No Lease, No Rent, No Staff. Start Full time or Part Time. Grow as fast or as steady as you like 
  • Flexibility. Be based from home, meet your clients at their business or via zoom. 
  • Show Me the Money. With only a handful of clients, you can earn a solid six figure salary Only 10 clients and you can earn executive income of close to 200k. 
  • Support. Ongoing support, training and development from the Monsta Media Group Global brand.  

Take the Next Step Now

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