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The No# 1 Franchised Digital Marketing Agency in Australia.

The Benefits of Having The Monsta Media Group as a Partner for Your Brand 

Who is The Monsta Media Group 

The Monsta Media Group is a real world Digital Marketing Agency that provides exceptional and industry leading service to franchisors, franchisees and national brands that only a true business owner mindset can appreciate. 

Our Goal is to help all our clients achieve their true and full potential. 

Monsta Media provides both digital consultants and local Business Owner Licenced Digital Marketing Monsta’s across Australia, with the backing, training and support of the Monsta Media national brand. They will work closely with respective franchisees across various industries in their local geographies with the aim to ensure their clients are industry leaders in their local communities 

Business Owners working with Business Owners 

The No# 1 Franchised Experienced Digital Marketing Agency in Australia.

Not Your Average Digital Agency  – The No# 1 Franchised Experienced Digital Marketing Agency in Australia. 

  • The Monsta Media Group is not your average Digital Marketing Agency. The Founders of the Monsta Media Group bring with them over 30 years of collective sales, marketing and franchising experience
  • Deep experience and formal learning in Branding & Marketing, with a degree in Media journalism and experience working with global brands such as Arsenal FC and Reuters
  • Formal Sales Training with the implementation of MRAP: Monsta Relentless Acquisition Program. A direct sales training program that teaches the methodologies, sweet science and mindset of successful sales calling, disciplined follow ups and social selling. ‘How to make your calls friendly distraction’s rather annoying interruptions’
  • Strong Franchising background with the Founders having direct experience in all facets and levels of franchising.
    • Regional Manager in a large franchise corporate national brand.
    • Owned a Master Franchise for a national brand
    • Completed Franchisee Sales and onboarding
    • Current Franchisee’s and Owners of a Gym with national and global footprint.
    • Attained an MBA  with final thesis in Franchising
    • Launching national Licensee model for the Monta Media Group. Franchisor perspective
  • Completion of Bootcamp at the Franchise Relationship Institute. E Factor Model

Handshake between businessmenThe Benefits of Having The Monsta Media Group as a Partner for Your Brand

  • Relationships, Relationships, Relationships. 
  • Each of your current franchisee’s will be dealing directly with a fellow business owner. A professional, highly skilled Licensee Monsta Media Digital Consultant in their respective areas. Business owners working with business owners. Franchisees will not be fobbed off or handed to account managers or sales people, rather they will be working with skilled Licensee Monsta Media Digital Consultants fellow Franchisees & Franchisor.
  • Embedded in the Monsta Media DNA is an outperformance mindset in relationship management. Franchisees can expect to hear from their respective Monsta Consultants proactively every week to cover performance to date
  • Each campaign is monitored weekly and optimised where required. Non-performance will never be left unnoticed with proactive contact and action taken
  • Our Monsta Consultants are always available and contactable The Power of Franchising Done Well 
    • Franchising in recent times has experienced some bad press with examples of what can happen when franchising, not done right, goes wrong.
    • The Monsta Media Group prides itself in the statement of being the No# 1 Franchised Experienced Digital Marketing Agency in Australia.
    • We understand the intricacies of the franchisor/franchisee relationship
    • We understand the Lifecycle and E-factor model emotions that franchisee’s experience throughout their journey as franchisees    
    • We understand the importance of following brand guidelines and supporting franchisors achieve their relevant goals, growth strategies and brand messaging
    • We also understand the importance of providing local specific targeted campaigns within brand guidelines that help franchisees make an impact within their local communities, feel they have some control and ownership of their business to hit their relevant local area niches.
    • Ultimately, highly profitable franchisees make happy franchisees
    • Our sole purpose is to help every franchisee be highly successful and achieve their true and full potential
  • Local Presence with Global Mindset – Reciprocity
  • Franchising continues to be a popular avenue for many individuals wanting to move into the business owner space 
  • The main reason for this success is by bringing local people that know their communities and local areas into a successful business model that they are passionate about. 
  • The relationship that our Monsta Media Licensee’s will have with your respective franchisees will be no different. 
  • They will be technically highly skilled Business Owner Digital Consultants with the backing, training and support of the Monsta Media brand, that live locally and will work very closely with your franchisees to ensure huge business success 
  • Should a local Monsta not be available in a certain location, the founders of Monsta Media will be the direct contacts for those respective franchisees
  • By having local people working together, the power of reciprocity works well.  Introduction to referral sources, community events, reciprocal lead referrals etc, will be a huge focus within this relationship
  • ROI – Business Owner Mindset
  • By being fellow business owners, our highly skilled Business Owner Monsta Digital Consultants, understand the importance of ROI, managing attrition and growing the business of your respective franchisee
  • Empathy in business is key. Only a true business owner mindset can appreciate and empathise with the pressures and stresses of running a business. From lease costs, staffing, customer issues etc. By having a genuine understanding into the business model and relevant costs and margins,  both the Monsta Consultant and your franchisee can work together to set SMART goals to ensure massive success.
    • The Monsta Media Group Philosophy prides itself in no lock in contracts. We believe our relationship and deliverables of strong outcomes on ROI, lead numbers, cost per lead etc will result in a long term business relationship 
  • Cross Industry Experience & Lead Magnet Access 
  • The Monsta Media Group prides itself in the outcomes and success it delivers to its clients
  • We understand the challenges, what works well and how to uplift your respective local franchisee
  • However, unlike other agencies that niche in specific industries, for a digital marketing agency to be a genuine value add reciprocal business partner, we also work within several other industries. By having the scope of works and breadth across various industries, it allows the Monsta Media Group to identify quickly what is working well and how to incorporate wins and learns between various industry niches 
  • Marketing 101 tells us we need both emotional and financial triggers as solid call to actions (CTA) to entice a potential maybe client to a signed up client. 
  • As an option for a strong lead magnet, following a period of COVID lockdowns, the Monsta Media Group has partnered with a company that is providing complimentary holidays across destinations within Australia, Fiji and Bali. They are providing accommodation completely for FREE to stimulate travel back into those locations. Great opportunity to reward prospective clients, new clients for signing up, great reward and recognition, awesome lead magnet etc. Can discuss in more detail
  • Current Clients and Success  
  • The Monsta Media Group has established strong relationships across various niches 
  • From Beauty, Health and Fitness, Finance, EComm, NDIS Providers, Solar, Medical, Business Brokers, Insurance and many more 
  • Currently on the panel as a preferred digital marketing supplier for the UBX Fitness Brand. Global presence with close to 100 clubs 
  • In most cases, we have been able to reduce the cost per lead down to the lowest level that is has ever been experienced under their respective ad account history
  • Will gladly provide real live examples of ad accounts to support the above statement 

We welcome the opportunity to formally present to you and your leadership team. 

Please reach out to us using our Enquiry Form and we will be in contact shortly.


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